The health of our buildings as well as their decay is primarily connected to water

The aim of the UKCMB is the development of a moisture-safe built environment in the UK.


Many substantial building problems (including health problems) are caused by excessive or insufficient moisture. And yet we have very little research in the UK on moisture in buildings, a lack of good guidance, and minimal public and industry understanding. The UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings has been set up to address these issues.


#ICMB21 Poster Award goes to UCL IEDE's Athina Petsou for her poster on #ThermalComfort!! We are very grateful to @Atmosphere_MDPI for sponsoring this award @ukcmb

Thank you to everyone who attended, presented and helped out at the 1st International Conference on Moisture in Buildings, we had a great time, and hope you did too #ICMB21

"Internally insulated walls with embedded wooden beams: how does hydrophobisation change the hygric performance?" by Evy Vereecken from KU Leuven #ICMB21 @ukcmb

Kicking of the last session in Room A, HArtwig Kunzel opens up with a surprsing stat: >1M properties damaged by tap water in Germany every year! #ICMB21 @yasemin_didem @ukcmb

@yasemin_didem @ukcmb We jut heard from Huibo Zhang, discussign her work on wind driven rain evaluation. #ICMB21 @yasemin_didem @ukcmb

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