The health of our buildings as well as their decay is primarily connected to water

The aim of the UKCMB is the development of a moisture-safe built environment in the UK.


Many substantial building problems (including health problems) are caused by excessive or insufficient moisture. And yet we have very little research in the UK on moisture in buildings, a lack of good guidance, and minimal public and industry understanding. The UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings has been set up to address these issues.


Future regulations & standards MUST fully consider the link between energy reduction and moisture risk. The UK has the highest number of pre 1949 building in Europe. In new build and #retrofit a whole house approach is crucial & an appreciation of moisture in our climate @ukcmb

The renowned Hartwig Kunzel (Head of Department of Hygrothermics @Fraunhofer_IBP ) speaking now. A pioneer in hygrothermal simulation, research, field testing and lab/climate analysis. #buildingphysics #WUFI #geekheaven @ukcmb


We hope you enjoyed the @ukcmb Annual Conference 2020. We would like to thank our speakers,all those who attended the conference and contributed to the debate.

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