Technical Working Groups

Technical Working Groups (TWGs) are central to the work and the development of the UKCMB, providing input about concerns and knowledge gaps, scoping research issues, reviewing and then promoting and disseminating the findings of research. They provide a productive way to involve national and international experts in research and development work. TWG meetings are convened on a task basis.

Through bringing together national and international expertise for the public good, they help reinforce the standing of the UKCMB as the main knowledge base and authority for building moisture issues in the UK. Many of the members of the TWGs are also involved in aspects of the research. ​​

  • TWG1: Monitoring & modelling of moisture in buildings
  • TWG2: Ventilation, airtightness & moisture in buildings
  • TWG3: Moisture in new build
  • TWG4: Moisture in existing buildings & retrofit
  • TWG5: Flooding and escape of water
  • TWG6: Financial, insurance & legal context & consequences of moisture in buildings