UKCMB free webinar series a success

UKCMB free webinar series a success
UKCMB Web Admin

UKCMB launched a series of free webinars in December 2023, which has been met with a lot of enthusiasm and interest. They’ve had a total of over 350 registrants over four webinars. Topics covered included mould in the fashion industry, present day and future wind-driven rain in the United Kingdom, how the fungal kingdom is adapting to the built environment, and myth and mould – dramatising fungi. See further details of the webinars

Feedback from the participants included:

It is great to listen to informed and passionate people. It really shines through. Good content and plenty of time for questions.

A very knowledgeable speaker who answered questions well and gave a very good presentation with good visual slides

It was a very relevant topic presented in a catching and accessible way; touched several fields.

Nice to see how moisture/mould/etc is relevant to other industries

Very clear presentation with out getting to lost in the science of the issues

90% of those who filled out the feedback survey form said the webinars either met or exceeded their expectations and were satisfied with it overall.

UKCMB would like to say a huge thank you to the speakers who have given up their time and shared their expertise with them: Dr Michael Sanderson, Senior scientist at the Met Office, Professor Matthew Fisher, Professor of Fungal Epidemiology, Imperial College, and Marietta Kirkbride, scriptwriter and dramatist working in screen, audio and theatre. They’d also like to thank all the participants who engaged with them and with the webinars. Thank you for such interesting discussions.

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