Moisture guidance for existing homeowners

Moisture guidance for existing homeowners

This project aims to produce guidance to homeowners on how to avoid moisture problems in existing homes. To be suitable for the target audience, the guidance will be presented in a simple to understand, non-technical way, with a significant visual component.

The guidance will be delivered in two forms:

  1. Animation: A short video will be prepared that will provide an introduction to moisture in buildings, explaining in simple terms and images what damp means, where moisture in buildings comes from, as well as, introduce the notion of balance and how this can be achieved. Images of balance and interactions (inside/outside, fabric/ people/services etc) will be developed.
  2. Interactive web tool: An interactive web-based tool will be developed which shows how different measures or problems can push a building out of balance in a particular way and how we can start to restore balance. A highly-visual interface will collect information form the user and will provide summary advice for particular problems and where to go for more information.

The sponsorship of this project by MIMA (Mineral Wool Manufacturers Association) is gratefully acknowledged.


Neil May
UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering

Isabel Carmona
CA Sustainable Architecture

Adrian Leaman
Usable Buildings Trust