Dr Marcella Ucci presents UKCMB findings at the Bartlett Research Exchange

Dr Marcella Ucci presents UKCMB findings at the Bartlett Research Exchange

The Bartlett Research Exchange is a fast-paced event where key research themes are explained from diverse disciplinary perspectives. This term’s event, on health, wellbeing and the built environment, involves speakers from across the Bartlett’s schools, with expertise in architectural design, social and spatial networks, architecture and building engineering, and urban computation and visualisation.

Dr Ucci’s presentation on ‘Moisture in Buildings and Health: implications for research and UK policy’ will draw on findings from a UKCMB project funded by Saint-Gobain. In the presentation, Dr Ucci will outline findings from a review of evidence on the links between moisture in buildings and health. She will draw out implications for future research directions and argue that the risk of excessive or little moisture in buildings is likely to give rise to health inequalities in the UK. A review of the current policies and procedures for assessing and managing moisture risk in England is taken as example of an impasse between current practice and WHO/NHS advice.

Dr Ucci has also been involved in the launch of a new and exciting MSc programme in Health, Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings. The new MSc at the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE) will drive innovation for health and wellbeing in the design, assessment, retrofit and operation of residential and non-domestic sustainable buildings. For more information, please visit the UCL IEDE website.

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