Moisture guidance for new homeowners

Moisture guidance for new homeowners

This project aims to produce a guide for new home owners and tenants on how to avoid moisture problems in new homes. To be suitable for the target audience, the guide will be presented in a simple to understand way with non-technical language. The guide will be accurate and comprehensive. It will address expected moisture issues (normal drying construction and occupancy generated risks) and indicate where further investigation of design or construction may be required. Distinguishing these kinds of moisture problems (by improved occupant behaviour), reduce unnecessary complaints (by improved occupant understanding) and allow genuine building concerns to be identified more clearly. The guide also aims to encourage house builders to focus on reducing moisture related building faults.

The content of the guide will be:

  1. Who this guidance is for, what it is about and why it is important
  2. General causes of moisture problems
  3. Your home and moisture problems: what to look for and what to do
  4. Top tips for a moisture healthy home
  5. Where to find more information

The sponsorship of this project by NHBC is gratefully acknowledged.


Research team:

Colin King
Director, Building Research Establishment (BRE)

Neil May
UCL Institute for Env. Design & Engineering (IEDE)