An update on our training programme

An update on our training programme

UKCMB were fortunate to receive £10k of funding from Life Learning at UCL to support the development of the first two day CPD training in ‘Understanding and Managing Moisture Risk in Buildings’.


We have met with the Life Learning team and a programme is now being developed to produce the training material and test it out on UKCMB members, with the idea that these members might also become future trainers themselves. At the same time we will start to link up with organisations who might use the training and with certification bodies to ensure that our work is properly audited and provides the necessary qualifications.

We will also see how this training can be integrated into some of the standards and policy work which UKCMB is involved with, as there is a significant skills and knowledge gap in the market around moisture risk in buildings. Finally we are looking at ways to start developing the two longer courses with full accreditation for moisture professionals and moisture site managers.