UKCMB’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to investigate dampness in buildings

UKCMB’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to investigate dampness in buildings

The Property Care Association (PCA) and UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (UCL IEDE) have formed a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to carry out a comprehensive study into the problem of excess moisture in the built environment.

Dampness and condensation in homes can have a major effect on the structure of properties and the comfort and well-being of inhabitants.

Researchers from the UCL IEDE will tap into the expertise of the PCA and its members across the UK to collect, analyse and develop data.

The research will take into account the many variables which can have an impact on a building’s performance, such as the lifestyle of its occupants, the structure’s condition and climate.

With this information on board, the UKCMB team – led by building scientist Dr Hector Altamirano – will then work with the PCA to develop a diagnostic tool which will underpin the strategy for the remediation works.

The KTP has been awarded a substantial grant from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, to carry out the programme. The PCA will also be adding funding towards supporting delivery of the programme.

As the lead academic at UCL IEDE and UKCMB for the project, Dr Hector Altamirano brings a wealth of experience.

As well as being a building scientist with a broad research interest in energy, the indoor environment and the operational performance of buildings, Hector is a trained architect with an MA in Energy, Environment and Sustainable Design, and a PhD in Building Science.

Under the project, UCL IEDE will also employ an Associate as a researcher, with a PhD in Building Science and a first degree in Architecture, Engineering or Physics.

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