Advisory Group

The Advisory Group will meet with the CKPs (UKCMB Board) 3 times per year giving advice about strategy, providing information about the sectors they represent, giving feedback on the work undertaken by the UKCMB, proposing areas and avenues of activity and assisting with specific management issues, funding and UKCMB initiatives.

Membership of the Advisory Group should therefore represent those most directly connected to the work of the UKCMB and most affected by moisture issues in buildings, along with those who are able to provide contextual overview and breadth of understanding relevant to moisture issues.  Membership selection will prioritise concerned and knowledgeable individuals, who ideally should have knowledge of one or more of the following sectors:

  • Government
  • Industry (professional bodies, manufacturers, contractors, training bodies, standards and certification)
  • Finance and insurance
  • Users (Landlords, Building occupants)
  • Advisory bodies
  • Additional knowledge groups